About us

Our family owned and operated establishment was founded by our father/grandfather Ken Colepaugh in the summer of 1970. After a dare from a friend some 20 years earlier, he took up the challenge to create the best Fish and Chips and the river.

Many now say that not only has HE managed to do just that but now his Son and grandchildren continue to deliver that same quality and expand the business each and every day.

Our establishment is open year round and provides that sought after family secret fish batter and chips year round when others in the area close down for the season.

The restaurant features a licensed bar, a wood burning fireplace and inside and outside eating areas as well as a skating rink that is open to the general public most winter seasons.

We also have a catering van that frequents festivals and events including some of the most popular in New Brunswick and P.E.I. It is also available for private functions in the spring, summer and fall seasons.

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Another key feature of the establishment is that it is located on trail 42 of the famous New Brunswick snow sledding trail network. We enjoy many sledders frequenting the restaurant on their sledding adventures and we are an active participant in their events and maintaining of the great local trails.

While we do not have any set schedule for it occasionally locals with get together to play their musical instruments and this just adds even more fantastic atmosphere when they do so.

We invite you to consider joining us at your leisure.

Please consider visiting our reviews section on our Facebook page to see what others are saying about us 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/pg/kcandsonsupperderby/reviews/


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